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We've got a sharp eye for detail and will take care of your place as if it were our own. NO slop-jobs or short-cuts here. We'll take all the time needed to protect your property and apply adequate coverage for maximum protection.

Want to Prolong the Life of Your Fence, Deck or Pergola?

Schedule staining services with Fence Defender in Lubbock, TX

Is your brand new fence naked and vulnerable to the elements? Or are you the neighbor with the ugly gray fence? There’s no shame…we can help!

Fence Defender in Lubbock, TX offers premium staining services, using state of the art equipment to beautify and protect your investment. Our professionally licensed crews hold an Applicators Certificate awarded to companies who have successfully completed professional training courses. We were recently featured on 3 properties in the 2016 Parade of Homes! WHY STAIN? When you leave wood surfaces unprotected, the natural oils are leeched out by the elements, causing it to turn gray and form mildew on the surface. Result? An ugly, gray fence – certain to warp, split, rot and age prematurely.

Five reasons to stain your deck, fence or pergola

If you are planning to build and wooden structure, why wouldn’t you protect your investment? Commercial grade stain and professional application is both aesthetic and functional. Besides giving you major curb appeal, staining will:
  • Waterproof against mold and mildew
  • Protect from damaging UV rays
  • Prevent the wood from warping and premature aging
  • Decrease maintenance and repairs
  • Prolong the life of the structure

Let us help to extend the life of your fence, decks, and pergolas!

We take pride in our staining services and apply Wood Defender brand products exclusively. These highly pigmented stains are backed by a 2 and 3 year manufacturer's warranty!

Our caring crews that include women will take all the time needed to protect your property. Don't worry about your garden, your driveway or your cars...we boast a "No Over-Spray Guarantee."

Call 806-773-3320 to schedule professional staining services today.


Sadly, this is a $9,700 fence right here in Lubbock, TX that was ruined by a weekend warrior, DIY attempt. The wrong kind of stain, applied incorrectly can destroy your investment. The only way to fix this is to sand-blast or re-build.

Fence Staining

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